Hello world!

Hello … My name is Gillian and I am a writer !

I say that so you realise as I bumble my way through setting up a website that I am a technophobe. It’s like a sort of excuse for being an idiot. I spend much of my life dreaming of being the next Agatha Christie or PD James, and wondering when the shooting star will arrive to deliver my first publishing contract!

I live in a world full of murderers and rapists, dodgy police officers and heart broken victims. This world I can handle. The real world I have issues with.

I hope on this website to show you some of my work, get in contact with like minded readers and writers, and generally launch myself into the 21st Century! I might even, so I’m told, have to start a Facebook page!

I’m not sure how much of a blogster I shall become. The idea terrifies and bemuses me at the moment. But I shall look to share any of my writing ups and downs, and any news stories I think the world may appreciate me sharing.

So, thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to leave a comment on your way out.




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4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi Gilly and welcome to the world of websites and blogs. xxx

  2. Karen

    Your new website looks like an interesting start; I’ll certainly be hanging around to see how it progresses.
    I’m just a humble reader, but I do like a bit of crime in my reading sometimes and I’m very grateful for the talented writers that keep me entertained.
    Good luck

  3. Thank you Karen! The readers are the most important thing to a writer. I appreciate your time.

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