Oxford Literary Festival & Year Zero Writers

As you may know, this week sees the return of the famous Oxford Literary Festival. I’ve never had the pleasure of attending, but it is a town that holds a special place in my heart. So, one day, I hope to be lucky enough to be there.

This year, however, Dan Holloway and his talented Year Zero writers are appearing, well, not quite AT the festival, but as near as damn it. Good luck Dan et al.

Over to Dan for full details:

Dropping the Beat: Year Zero Live at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Wed 24 March 6-8pm.

This coming week sees the latest renewal of the Oxford Literary Festival, where anyone can pay through the nose to hear people from the very mainstream of the literary world. OR they can come to a FREE event and hear some fantastic new writing, inspired by the Beat Poets, from Year Zero Witers Daisy Anne Gree, Larry Harrison, Ali Cooper and Dan Holloway. Along with poetry and music from internationally acclaimed Namibian writer and songstress Christi Warner. Free. And wine. Free. Oh yes, and one of those super cool Year Zero Live lanyard programmes complete with poems. Free.

The venue is The Albion Beatnik bookstore on Walton Street in the heart of Jericho, Oxford’s Bohemian quarter. It’s everything an Independent bookstore should be – it serves coffee in mugs you can hand pick from the shelf (I always drink out of Sylvia Plath, and there’s not many can say that :p); it specialises in books on jazz and by and about the Beat Poets; it has an in-house artist; and it’s an incredible venue for reading and music.

Hope to see you there. More details below:




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  1. yearzerowriters

    Thank you SO much, Gill

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