A Year in the Life of an Indie Author

A Year in the Life of an Indie Author …

By Gillian Hamer

When Triskele Books celebrates its first official birthday in June, I shall take a moment or two (probably over a glass of fizzy stuff) to consider the rollercoaster journey I’ve been on since the inception of this mad idea over posh tea and equally posh cakes in a scarily posh hotel in Park Lane, London two Christmases ago.

Since then, everyone involved with Triskele has come one hell of a long way, and experienced the delight, or the imminent delight, of getting their books published. The feel of holding your novel in your hand for the first time is something that probably never leaves you. It makes up for all the traumas of … ISBNS, formatting, editing, paper colour, web design and marketing … combined.

There have been numerous highs – and yes, a few lows. But independent publishing has been a rewarding and worthwhile experience for me and I do not regret one single moment.

I thought it may make interesting reading to find out if other authors agree. And discover what other Triskele members have actually learned over those first critical twelve months …


Quality. Good writing will find its audience. Marketing sleight-of-hand works, to a point. But no matter how slick your promotion is, people can tell the difference between snake oil and story. Good books find good readers who tell other readers …
Flexibility. Published meant set-in-stone, unalterable, liable to date, and every mistake an eternal albatross. Not so. E-books can be updated, corrected and tweaked to reflect the Zeitgeist.
The author is in control.



Last year at this time I knew nothing about indie publishing, a big fat zero. I came onboard the SS Triskele rather later in the journey than Jill and Gilly; only three months before our launch. So, I had to learn everything in a tearing hurry. The result was a vague idea about all aspects of self-publishing, but a lot of confusion remained.
A year on, I have had more time to learn about it. I’m still far from an expert, but I have learned SO much about all the aspects of the process in one short year, and feel far more confident than I did a year ago.



I know how important it is to work together as a team.



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