Highs & Lows of Being A Writer …

Earlier this week, I was feeling a bit down. A review on Goodreads by a charitable person who suggested I should be doing something better with my time than write. ‘Boring, boring, boring. Could not finish.’ Was his/her exact words.

Everyone advises to step away, take it on the chin and laugh. Easy said. And everyone warns you once you run your first KDP or Free promo to wait for the bad reviews. And I’ve had a few ‘dodgy’ ones. But never one so blunt, arrogant and hurtful. For a while it does make you question your skill. Why you think you can do this incredibly hard discipline? If this person knew how long you spent researching, plotting, writing, re-writing, editing … would they really be so dismissive?

So, today, imagine my relief at a breath of fresh air. A 5 star review from a total stranger who read Closure because she spent time at Bangor Uni where it is partly based.


I bought this book having read that it is partly set at the University of Bangor, North Wales, where I was once a student.
I’m very glad I did.
This is a skilful combination of a detective story and the paranormal. The author creates suspense by alternating the chapters between the kidnaps and murders in North Wales with the tale of the little boy who is disturbed by flashbacks to a previous life. Each is engrossing in itself and at first you wonder how the two can possibly be connected. Little by little it becomes clear as they merge together in a suspenseful climax.
The characters are well drawn and engaging and the scenery and history of the North Wales coastal area accurately described and researched. Highly recommended.


So, thank you, whoever you are. This came when it was really needed.

And sorry to disappoint my critic. But I won’t be giving up writing any time yet …




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4 responses to “Highs & Lows of Being A Writer …

  1. Hi Gillian. I completely understand the pain of the ‘boring’ review on Goodreads. I’ve had a couple of 2* reviews on Amazon that have left a nasty taste in my mouth – and various comments in reviews that make me wonder if they’ve even read my book.
    Anyway, if it makes you feel better, I’ll be posting a 5* review for Closure!

    • Thanks, Huw! Do you know the area? Sure I had a character with the same name as you in one of my books? I’ve a new novel, Complicit, out on June 1st set along the Menai Straits, covering aspects of the Roman invasion of Mona in 60AD. Thanks for the positive comments, appreciated.

      • Hi Gillian. My family are from the valleys – although I’m from Southampton!
        Happy to support a fellow indie. I know how valuable positive reviews are.

  2. Much appreciated and thank you for the review too.

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