First Reviews for Crimson Shore!


It’s always a buzz as a writer when the first reviews start to come through, especially when it’s a change of direction in your writing. So, far I’ve had five reviews back and all have been 5* so far! Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed, and with four days to go until the official release of Crimson Shore, I’m starting to get nervous!

Selection of reviewers thoughts below:

“I read Crimson Shore over the space of twenty four hours as I couldn’t tear myself away from it and was gripped by the sheer competence of an author who leads you gently by the hand into the presence of pure evil, and believe me, to have a safe pair of hands to hold in this novel is very comforting indeed.” – JaffaReadsToo (Amazon Top 500 reviewer)

“I am an avid fan of Gillian Hamer’s cross-genre novels, so was a little concerned that I might not enjoy a standard police procedural as much as her earlier books. I needn’t have worried – Crimson Shore couldn’t be described as standard in any sense of the word. The storyline is intriguing and the characters come to life to such an extent that I wanted to slap one of them (Dara) on more than one occasion. The fact that I was so annoyed shows the power of Ms Hamer’s writing.”- Avid Reader.

“All in all, Crimson Shore, the first of The Gold Detecives series is a great find. No doubt we will home in on the other team members as the series progresses but I think for the moment I’m a little bit in love with Dara Brennan. I can’t wait to meet him again.” – Mad Cow

“I’ve found in her novels that the location almost presents itself as an additional character, which I greatly enjoy having not yet traveled to Wales and previously knowing little to nothing about Anglesey. It’s also intriguing to me as an American to get a bit of an inside feel of the workings of how crimes are treated and processed in another country.” – Sensory Mama

If you’d like to read more, Crimson Shore ebook is now available on Amazon.




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